This website is maintained by Mario Prats, I’m a robotics researcher at the Jaume-I University (Castellón, Spain).

The purpose of our research is to advance towards more autonomous, robust and versatile robotic manipulation.

Current research is focused on developing autonomous manipulation systems for performing underwater tasks. The problem is very similar to the mobile manipulation problem, but normally with more degrees of freedom. In fact, an underwater vehicle typically has four DOF, but some of them can be controlled even on the six DOF. The degrees of freedom of the manipulator have to be added to these. In addition to the problem of controlling a high number of degrees of freedom, the vehicle cannot easily keep its pose while the manipulator is doing the task. On the contrary, the vehicle is a floating platform that tries to keep the pose as accurately as possible, but is highly affected by underwater currents, coupled dynamics, etc. This means that the manipulation task has to be normally performed under some motion of the base. Finally, vision also suffers from the underwater environment because of the bad visibility, floating particles, color attenuation, etc. All these facts make autonomous underwater manipulation a challenging problems that is worth researching. This research is being carried out in the context of the RAUVIand TRIDENT projects. For more details about our projects, please visit the Interactive & Robotic Systems and Robotic Intelligence Lab websites.

Winner of the Georges Giralt Award 2011
Winner of the Georges Giralt Award 2011

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