OSG Interactive Markers moved to trunk

The Interactive Markers client for OpenSceneGraph has become usable, and therefore moved to the trunk of our uji-ros-pkg repository, inside the osg_interactive_markers package. This package is basically an OpenSceneGraph (OSG) adaptation of the Interactive Markers client writen for rviz/Ogre. Most of the code has been taken from the rviz sources, and adapted to use OSG data types and facilities when possible. It allows the creation of Interactive Markers in OpenSceneGraph applications. See the corresponding wiki page in the ROS website for more information.

The osg_interactive_markers is part of a more general visualization_osg stack, together with two more packages: osg_markers and osg_utils. osg_markers can be used to create Markers geometry in OSG, whereas osg_utils contains some classes that may be useful in ROS-OSG applications, like a FrameManager (also adapted from rviz), searching in the scene graph, etc. The three of them can be linked as libraries inside your OSG projects.

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