TRIDENT 2nd Annual Review

The IRSLab was in Girona during the last week, participating in the 2nd Annual Review of the TRIDENT FP7 european project. The main milestone to show was the mechatronic integration of the Girona 500 AUV, the Graaltech Arm (University of Genoa) and the hand (University of Bologna). All the systems were successfully integrated and a recovery mission was carried out in a tele-operated manner. See the following video for a summary:

Simultaneously, other two demos where performed in simulation using UWSim. They showed the leader following controller (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon), and the free-floating controller (University of Genoa). They both integrated different parts of the whole TRIDENT architecture, such as target detection and tracking, pose estimation, arm/hand control, vehicle control and mission planning:

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