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OSG Interactive Markers moved to trunk

The Interactive Markers client for OpenSceneGraph has become usable, and therefore moved to the trunk of our uji-ros-pkg repository, inside the osg_interactive_markers package. This package is basically an OpenSceneGraph (OSG) adaptation of the Interactive Markers client writen for rviz/Ogre. Most … Continue reading

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How to choose the rotation axis in a OSG RotateCylinderDragger

I’ve been looking for an easy way to change the default rotation axis in a RotateCylinderDragger of OpenSceneGraph, and didn’t find one that suited my needs. You can always introduce intermediary transforms, but it would be sub-optimal, and can give … Continue reading

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TRIDENT 2nd Annual Review

The IRSLab was in Girona during the last week, participating in the 2nd Annual Review of the TRIDENT FP7 european project. The main milestone to show was the mechatronic integration of the Girona 500 AUV, the Graaltech Arm (University of … Continue reading

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