ROS Markers in OSG: Hello world

These days I’m trying to implement rendering of ROS Interactive Markers in OpenSceneGraph, so that we can start using them inside UWSim. Fortunately I’m able to reuse many of the code already implemented in rviz. I have first focused on the rendering of visualization_msgs/Markers:  had to replace the calls to Ogre by the equivalents in OSG, and remove any dependency with rviz-specific classes. I guess things will become a bit more difficult on the “Interactive” part :-S

Below is a snapshot of UWSim listening to the output of the basic_controls tutorial. I have started a new experimental stack visualization_osg in our uji-ros-pkg repository.

OSG visualization of the markers in the basic_shapes tutorial

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2 Responses to ROS Markers in OSG: Hello world

  1. Arkapravo says:

    Very sleek ! ….. 😉

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