rostweet now let your robots share pictures

Cloud robotics is getting more and more attention recently. See for example the Google initiative presented at I/O 2011, or the RoboEarth project funded by the European Comission. The idea is to let robots share information on the cloud with the goal of generating a global knowledge base and ultimately accelerating robotic development.

We recently presented rostweet, a ROS package that lets your ROS-based robots post text to a twitter account. We now extend it and add support for posting pictures, by using the recent post_with_media twitter API. This enables the sharing of images among ROS-based robots through twitter, which could have interesting applications in ‘social’ object recognition, learning, or just communication among robots and between robots and humans.

This is how it works: by running rostweet, a ROS service is created that your node can call for posting a tweet with some text (string) and an optional image (sensor_msgs/Image). In addition, incoming tweets are published on a topic as they arrive, also in the format of string + sensor_msgs/Image. Just create a twitter account for your robot and start following other robots (or humans!). For now, rostweet only supports the image media type, although support for other types of media can be easily added.

Please check our first post for installation instructions, although there are some changes in this last version:

  • Posting a tweet is now done though a service call. An example node called ‘post’ has been included in the package. Use it as rosrun rostweet post "<text>" [<path_to_picture>]
  • The rostweet_msgs/IncomingTweet message now includes also an image. To see just the text of the incoming tweets, do rostopic echo /rostweet/incomingTweet/tweet
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